Thursday, August 25, 2016

State Fair 2016

There were some interesting slippers this year - some of them would be good ways to use leftover yarn:

There are many, many, lovely things to look at.  It's hard to take it all in.

Two Estonian lace pieces got second place. 

This is one of the reasons why I don't ever enter anything in the fair.

This blankie was really cute.

This was quite scrunched up but I am intrigued with the pattern.  Hopefully the winner will bring it to the September Guild meeting.

Some day I will make a pair of sideways socks.  This pair really used the self-striping yarn well IMHO:

I believe this is a garland of little sweaters.  Very cool if a bit impractical.

Color work always kind of amazes me - especially when done on tiny needles.

Watermelon socks - everyone should have a pair:

And Prince was at the Fair in many different formats.  I like these mittens.

The Sweepstakes winner:  A blanket that was made with very small needles.  Remarkable.  Beautiful.


Rose the Gypsy said...

Knitters are sooooo incredibly creative. Love it. Thanks for the pics.

Mary Lou said...

I never enter anything either. I'm far too 'casual' a knitter! Also, standing on line all day just to enter? I always wish I could see why things win.