Wednesday, November 4, 2015

There's Weird, and Then There's Weird

I went to see Jenny Lawson at the U of MN bookstore the other night.  I love the Bloggess.  Sometimes people seem to wonder what kind of messed up I must be to love her.   I wish they would just ask ... I would reply, "all of it."

It was totally worth the two hour wait*... she signed my book AND my earring (she was quite amazed by the earring):

A lot of weird stuff can be seen on the light rail, but seriously, a head?  He boarded with a bunch of people who seemed to be going to the airport.

I think if I were traveling with an extra head I would pack it out of sight. 

Just sayin'.

*Plus I got a lot of knitting done :)


Mary Lou said...

I am not a blogess reader. Must explore. Love the head shot. said...

The head in luggage looks really scary) At the first glace I thought it is a real human body!! It is like a serial killer decided to use rail to transfer his victim somewhere)

kmkat said...

Somewhere on my blog is a photo of Matthew's former fiance riding her bike through downtown Mpls with a similar head on her handlebars. She was going to beauty school at the time and needed it for homework. Perhaps this guy is a beauty student, too.

Another Bloggess lover here. But you knew that. It's one of the reasons we are friends.