Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm Usually Better at Keeping a Secret

I was just so excited about these Superpower Mitts that I couldn't wait. I showed them to Girl-child on July 4th. They're for her birthday in November.

I guess sometimes I'm just no good at keeping secrets. Besides, she just had her wisdom teeth out so she's been sick and needed a surprise.

Also, I finished Itineris.  Rose the Gypsy gave me the blue yarn and I purchased the greet at Yarnover.  There's another hank of blue. My plan is to make another something so that RtG can have one and I'll keep the other.

And I (finally) started my big lace project for the year.  It's the "without" version of the With or Without Shawl.  It's not Estonian but it has a lot of nupps, so it's in lieu of an Estonian shawl (my goal was to make something Estonian or Orenburg style).

I'm not sure about the nupps.  I guess I'll look at them over the next few days and decide if I should keep going or rip it out and start over.  

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Mary Lou said...

Love those mitts. I have a knitting bud who does mixed martial arts. She needs them.