Friday, May 9, 2014


So, Pato used to say I had a thing about floors, and I have to admit he had a point.  

I'm going to rip out the carpet in the condo this summer and maybe get cork flooring.   I'm dragging my feet because it is going to be very expensive and a lot of work.

In the meantime, The Girls used leftover paint to prettify the floor in the upstairs of their house. They had ripped out the carpet too, and did this to the particle board sub-flooring.

It sure is tempting to do something like this. Except maybe I can't get away with as much as the twenty-something-hippy-lesbian-crowd can get away with.

Although it sure is tempting.  They are so clever!


Mary Lou said...

You could get away with it if you can get them to come over and do it! Cork flooring is wonderful, but is expensive, isn't it? There is one good thing about old houses. Old wood floors!

soxanne said...

They're all expensive (but you get what you pay for, right?)

Chelsea said...

You can get away with anything you want. Who's going to come judge you about your floor, anyway? Anyone in your condo is someone you've invited, which means you're allowed to DISinvite them if they prove to be unpleasant.

kmkat said...

One word of caution about cork floors: they are delicate because they are soft. BUT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! BECAUSE IT IS YOUR HOUSE!