Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm home alone, as I may have mentioned, what with Pato and Boy-child in Chile, and Girl-child off on her own on the other side of the river, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to clean out the house.

Initially I was going to take a car full of stuff to ARC once a week. Once I started though, I decided I should have a garage sale instead. The neighbor did it. Girl-child did it with her BFF. People do it all the time, so I thought I would too.

Well! What an interesting experience that was. Did it. Done. Glad I did it. Never again. Here are some observations.

*People are weird.

*There are two types of buyers - the ones who pay the price on the label, and the ones who want to take home everything for a dollar.

*Not a dollar an item, rather a dollar for everything they want to take home.

*One guy who tried to do this was playing The Dumb Mexican.

*I was having none of it.

*Four 50 cent items and he's offering a dollar.

*Pretending like he couldn't speak English very well.

*Drives a really nice vehicle.

*I decided not to let in on him in Spanish, for fear he would hang out longer arguing if I did.

*I just wanted him to go away.

*We settled on $1.50.

*Today I had another one, except this time he was Russian.

*Another compromise.

*No one wants coffee mugs.

*I think everyone else has hundreds of them too.

*My mother had four sets of Christmas glasses.

*I feel lucky I was able to sell one set.

*I guess everyone has lots of Christmas glasses too.

*People buy a lot of crap.

*But not the expensive stuff.

*Really, they just want to see what they can get for a dollar, I guess.

*My neighbors were my best customers.

*It gives me great pleasure to see neighbor kids playing with stuff from my kids.

*They maybe bought stuff because we've given them things in the past.


*It was fun to visit with my neighbors.

*The weather was good.

*Actually, it was a little hot and I got sunburned.

*And I knit a sock.

*I still have a garage full of stuff I have to take to ARC.


Anonymous said...

well darn. I would have dropped by....Uzi

Anonymous said...

I did a garage sale once with a couple neighbors. It was an awful lot of work for a hundred bucks.

Sarah Morean said...

HAAA this is maybe one of my favorite posts from you.