Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Voting and Recounts

I ran into Boy-child at our voting location yesterday morning. Girl-child came across town to vote too; when she signed in the election judge commented on how I had been there earlier. I guess I mad an impression on the election judge since I was pretty much gushing as I signed in, saying, "Look! Both of my children are able to vote now; my youngest just turned 18!"

Girl-child commented that she wondered if it would be different in a lesser way, voting in a non-presidential year. She said it wasn't; it's always amazing and exciting to vote. I couldn't agree more.

And now it turns out that Minnesota will have another recount ~ an automatic recount in the Governor's race, as the difference so far is less than one half of one percent. This morning it's about a 9,000 vote difference (out of 3 million?).

So welcome to the world of Minnesota voting, children. In 2008 it was the Franken/Coleman contest for senate, and this year it's the Dayton/Emmer contest for Governor. And as the state teeters on the fence between being a majority DFL vs GOP, it's bound to happen again.

Further evidence that voting is very important.

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Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember the 1962 Rolvaag-somebody governor's race that was not decided until sometime the next year. I think I remember hearing a(nother in a long line of) radio report about it the next summer when I was helping my mother paint the kitchen. iirc, that was the election that triggered MN to institute that recount rule.