Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thing 3

Well, Thing 3 is RSS feeds, which is something I'm simply not interested in. Sorry. I set up an account some time ago, forgot my password, set up another, got some feeds going ... I'd rather stick with the information I'm trying to maintain now rather than set up 100 feeds and look through it all. The temptation to look at multiple news sources, multiple blogs, etc. is great, and I am weak.

My approach is a bit different, I guess, as I have my favorite news sources tagged in and I check them periodically. I have my favorite knit blogs tagged, and my favorite library related blogs, so I can check them as I wish. It's more focused and it works for me. If one of my favorite bloggers has written a long post and I have a short lunch, I can save it for later; it's not marked "read" and filed away. I even have two different pages, because one is for fun and the other more work related - that way I can steer away from excessive distraction. Sometimes.

If you think you can convince me otherwise, comment away!

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